We provide services in sound processing for your band.

BOUDA is recording and mastering studio based in the heart of Hamburg. The studio is situated on board the ship MS Stubnitz, which has since 1994 functioned as a unique cultural space, with three concert halls, a club and gallery. The studio is also a small “guitar laboratory”, where you can find several standard and unique amplifiers, guitar effects, and of course guitars themselves, which by agreement you may use for your recording. We record either in the balanced environment of the studio or in the attractive spaces of the large concert halls right on the boat; the choice will evolve from your particular sound needs, genre and the composition of the group. The studio is equipped with an arsenal of the best microphones and high-end sound hardware and software, in order to make the most precise recordings of your group in the best possible quality.

If you already have recorded material and are interested only in mixing/mastering, we can do everything online: you send the raw, uncompressed recordings by individual track (in the case of stereo mastering from a mix) and we send you back the finished recording, according to your specifications, in CD quality or other formats you choose.

So, if you want to enhance your recording with a nice road trip, get to know Hamburg, one of Europe’s most wonderful cities, and experience the life of a sailor, this is an interesting idea: besides the studio with its world-class equipment, we can offer you room and board!  The boat does not rock, you may only get sick from your evening “bonding” with the group . . .