is, of course, the key element of the process. The right microphone in the right place, connected to a carefully selected chain of recording equipment, is essential for a great-sounding mix. No post-production or mastering will save a poor recording — we can’t do miracles at this stage. So if you don’t have the ideal space and equipment, leave it all to us, from beginning to end!


Are the first and most important steps of sound processing after the recording itself. With editing, we can tastefully correct for various mistakes, such as “straightening out” the rhythm, fixing a poorly executed drum-break, or fine-tuning the singer. Opportunities can seem infinite in the digital age, but I balance these with a healthy respect to the given genre and many other factors.

The mix then deals with the sound of individual instruments, their relative levels, and the use of a variety of effects if they are appropriate. The mix produces the final sound of your recording.


Is now an integral part of every recording. It’s a process that, like a mix, can correct a lot of imperfections in the original recording — although to a limited extent. Mastering helps to bring the recording to life — to brighten it up, to contextualize the bass, add dynamics, or increase the volume to help you stand out among other recordings. Mastering does not focus on the sound of individual instruments and levels as does the mix, but rather focuses on the track / album as a whole. It’s a careful process of balancing frequencies and “melding” all the instruments together. I use a combination of digital and hardware equalizers, compressors and limiters, depending on the originally recorded sound, genre, and the wishes of the client.


Has been an underestimated but nevertheless a essential part of the creative process of recording. Bands often become stuck in limited perceptions of their own work,  or they are constantly repeating similar repertoire, or they are experiencing some compositional deficiencies. The producer is an independent expert who can help solve these problems with an objective ear. I can also help with the arrangements of the songs and the sound of the instruments. I’ll identify the strengths of your band and highlight them. In short, “Good advice is better than gold”.


In you’re interested, I can serve as a studio guitarist, providing grooving  rhythmic accompaniments or tasteful solos for your compositions. Likewise, I can provide professional players on other instruments, according to the genre and your requirements.


I’m able to distribute your finished recordings to all major streaming and e-capabilities such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, and more.


For guitarists, I offer re-amping with my extensive “arsenal”: Mesa Boogie, Fender, Friedman, Hughes and Kettner amplifiers,  and an extensive amount of boxes and effects processors.


I will take care of CD pressing, the production of booklets and packaging, t-shirts and other merchandise, using contracted partners at very reasonable price.